Enjoy Some You-Time

It is so important in these days to listen to yourself and your family more often. To find time for yourself and to use this time consciously.

When you’re really feeling stresses out and need a break from reality, you really need to look into ways to spend these quality “you/me” time. taking care of yourself needs to be a top priority.


The Perfect Surrounding

Escape to “The Texas Riviera” known as Rockport and get your Beach Vibes for a well deserved Beach Therapy. Explore all that Rockport and our area has to offer, and find yourself under the swaying palms. Our homes are blessed with the laughter of children, warmth of a close family, hope of the future, and fond memories of the past. We own our homes, manage, and put love into them so you feel like it’s your home away from home.


Pampered Stays

Your stay will always include a warm welcome. Your home will be lighted, and inviting when you arrive day or night. No need to rush to the grocery store if you have the travel “hangries”, as there will be plenty of snacks to get you through until dinner.


I decided to retire, and dedicate my time to making people feel special through the homes I provide. If I can make people feel that way, then I feel good! My husband and I have lived in the Rockport area since the early 2000’s, and have grown to love this area. I hope to share and provide all that you’re able to handle within our little town.

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