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My husband and I started out with one little Pink Bungalow and Rockport being basically a sleepy little fishing town.  This little home had so much potential (which spoke to the “right side of my brain”  You know, the side where you see ALL kinds of decorating genius’ (at least I thought so) coming to surface.   It really was my play house, and of course my husband was all in to bring out my artistic me.  He’s totally left sided which is good and keeps me grounded enough so I don’t fly into the clouds and get lost!

Since the first time I stepped into the plain little cottage with it’s original hardwood floors, and crumbling original kitchen cabinets, I fell in love.   I have evolved, decorated….redecorated and eventually came to realize that I loved doing this.  Our first Little Pink Bungalow has since been updated to give her a beautiful face-lift.  No more crumbling kitchen cabinets.

I’m kinda partial to older homes (in good shape, because renovations are exhausting truthfully), so we bought other unique homes with the best personality in the area which I hope you view at your leisure.  I have put a lot of love and that “right sided” brain to work, and have decorated all of my homes to make you feel as though you’re AT home when you visit.  After 30 years in the Oil & Gas industry, this was so much fun!  It’s like going from Gray, to Rainbows!  I want everyone that visits us to just be able to “Drag & Drop”  (drag your bags and just drop them) without having to question whether the things that you will need to feel at home are not there and taking up space in trunk for things you’re afraid might not be in the house.

With that said, you want to have a wonderful vacation, and we want that for you too!  Our home is your home for however long you are staying and we hope you’ll be relaxed, comfortable and happy.

We don’t believe in supplements, or too strict rules and requirements which restrict you, rather trusting you to do the right thing as you would at home. We live in Rockport and are available at all times to help and assist you.

We are excited to have you as our guests!

Our warmest regards,

Teresa and Ted

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