Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like?

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What should we pack?

Our home is well equipped for a short stay, or a lengthy stay.  Everything you may comfortably need is in the home.  See “What we provide“.

Traveling with pets?

Our home is dog friendly, We request that your dogs are not allowed at any time on furniture, or beds, or additional housekeeping fee will incur. All dogs are required to be kenneled while no one is at the home.

Please make sure you bring a kennel for your dogs.

Please view our Pet Policy for information.

Arriving before check-in time?

Many guests will arrive before the designated check-in time. The good news is that there is plenty to do. Although we do stock the refrigerator with fruit, Milk, muffins, and snacks, we can suggest that guests visit the grocery store and do a small shop. That will give you more time to relax once you’ve checked in! There are also a few good restaurants for lunch so why not relax and enjoy some of the local food!

Early Check-in?

Check-in time is 3pm.

We can sometimes arrange an early check-in so please contact us if you will arrive early and we’ll do our best, without any promises! We suggest you refer to the section on what to do if you arrive early – there is plenty to keep you entertained!

What public fishing piers are open after the Hurricane?

Gather together your fishing gear and pack a cooler for a day of fishing on any of our public fishing Piers. Let your kids walk along the long pier while you bait the hooks. Then, settle in to wait for the first catch of the day. Use your cooler to bring home your prize catches and enjoy a fresh fish dinner when you get back to your vacation home.

Aransas County Navigation District Harbor Master, Keith Barrett states “Fishing has been phenomenal this year since the hurricane. Even those people who are not fishing from a boat have been reporting better than average catches.” Barrett says, “Although a few public piers are not back in order – Copano Causeway pier which is permanently closed, and Fulton Pier which is currently awaiting reconstruction, Breakwater Piers on the South side of Rockport Beach and at the end of Market are free, lighted, open and great places to fish.” Rockport Beach North pier and Leggett Channel are also available with a paid beach pass (through the entrance booth located at the north end. Beach Fees are $5 per Day or $20-year Beach pass. The Rockport Harbor seawall is a popular fishing spot as well as the shoreline at Little Bay. The Bulkhead at Fulton Harbor, Copano bay Kayak Site at Airport Rd, Howard Murph Park on 1781 and The Copano Causeway Boat Launch are also good spots. Barrett says, “Fishing is easy on the wallet and a great way to break away from the electronic world. Record numbers of Drum, Trout and Redfish have been caught in our local waters after the storm.” Goose Island State Park offers shoreline fishing along the bayfront on the righthand side of the island. Wade or kayak fishing is also available. Goose Island is located on Park Road 13 off Hwy 35 N in Lamar.

Smoking. House Rules.

Outdoor Smoking only!  Ashtrays are provided for those who enjoy a smoke.

What kind of Fish are in Rockport?

The Big Five Fish in Texas (Plus One)!
• Speckled Trout. The waters produce these fish for year around fishing with live bait like croakers as well as artificial lures including bass assassins, slimy slugs and the Norton Sand Eel. …
• Redfish. …
• Flounder. …
• King Mackerel. …
• Black Drum. …
• Catch and Release Bass (Plus One)

How far is Port Aransas from Rockport?

The Big Five Fish in Texas (Plus One)!

There are 12.91 miles from Rockport to Port Aransas in south direction and 18 miles (28.97 kilometers) by car and ferry, following the TX 35-L Business route. Rockport and Port Aransas are 35 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop for 30 minutes and take a ferry for 5 minutes.

Where can I get more information on Fishing Guides and other tourism information?

Visit Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Website or Call 1-800-242-0071 or 361-729-6445. For Goose Island, 729-2858 or Aransas County Navigation District, 361-729-6661.

Do you have bikes for rent?

I have two Cruisers for Rent.  Please see Bicycle rental rates

Can we tour Rockport on a boat?

Grab your camera, and head out onto the water with Whooping Crane and Dolphin Boat Tours. This company offers a shallow-bottom boat that navigates the smaller waterways. letting guest’s gander at the whooping cranes in their natural habitat. Then, it makes its way out into the Gulf of Mexico to search for dolphins hoping over the waves.  Go here for more information

Where can we buy fishing licenses and tackle?

Where can we buy fishing licenses and tackle?

I always suggest Rockport Tackle Town, as they have everything you may need for an awesome fishing trip.

I also recommend their fishing guide:

Rockport Beach

Can I drive on the Rockport Beach?

No, all vehicles must stay in designated driving/parking areas.

Are dogs (animals) permitted in the Rockport Beach?

No, we’re sorry, but dogs are not permitted inside the beach since it is a bird sanctuary. However, dogs are permitted on a leash at a small beach area just outside the entrance to the Rockport Beach.

Do you allow bonfires on the beach?

No, there are no open flames of any kind allowed. THIS INCLUDES CHINESE/FRIENDSHIP LANTERNS!

Is there a location for picnicking?

Yes, there are 65 individual picnic sites spread throughout the Rockport Beach. Each site has a covered picnic table with barbeque grill. These sites are first come/first serve.

Do you allow fireworks?

No, fireworks of any kind are NOT allowed, even when there is no burn ban in effect.

Is there a playground for children?

Yes, there are several playground/swing sites along the beachfront.

Is overnight camping permitted inside the Rockport Beach?

No, overnight camping is not permitted in the Rockport Beach.

Are we allowed to bring tents/EZ ups?

Yes, while we don’t allow overnight camping you may bring tents/EZ ups to set up for shade.

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