How to Guides

TV & Internet:

All of our homes are equipped with Spectrum High speed internet, and WiFi.  Our TV’s are equipped with ROKU Devices which you can use the provided Subscriptions in the home, or you can log in under “Guest Mode” and select your own Subscriptions.

Once the Roku device is in Guest Mode, you can confidently sign into your subscription channels knowing your sign-in details and any channels you add will be removed automatically on a date you specify, or earlier if you choose.


Induction Stove:  (The Anchored Pelican Home only) Please gently lay finger on the control to turn on or off, and select the burner you would like.  To increase the heat, again please gently lay finger and slide the temperature control.  Home with the Induction Stove will have to use the provided cooking pots and pans.

Gas Stoves:  Homes with the gas stoves include a monitor.  These include the Market Street Retreat, and The Little Pink Bungalow.

Electric Stove:  These are in the Parade House, and the Sea Green Haven

Central Vac System:  (This is in the Anchored Pelican only).  The plug openings are in the Master by the closet, and the Coffee Bar.

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