Amazon “Alexa” and smart lights

Smart lights (via Alexa):

  • Shell Lamp
  • Master Bedroom Lamp
  • Living Room Lamp
  • Blue Lamp (can be dimmed by percentage and you can change type. i.e. white, soft white, warm white, daylight)
  • If you turn the lamps on and off manually, (what a concept!) make sure to tell Alexa to turn “on” all the lamps first, as the plugs will need to be on, then you can use the switches.
  • Saying “Alexa, Goodnight” will turn off living room lights, and turn on Master bedroom lamp.
  • Saying “Alexa, good Morning” will turn on Living room lights. If the lamps don’t come on, then simply use the lamp switch to turn them on.

If you would like a certain “Amazon Alexa” skill or game added just send me a text and I can add it easy.

Ask Alexa, what are your popular skills?

Please, do not unplug the smart plugs. If you do, then they’ll need to be reset or removed. There are phone charging units throughout the house so plugs won’t need to be removed.

Board Games / Playing Cards
We do like to provide board games, and “toy drawers” in the home for those rainy days. Look in the closets for what is available, and the toy drawer is in the kitchen with colored pens, pencils, and books. I like to also keep small crafts inside for the little ones.

Remember, the towels should not be used to clean up the paints.
Please use the paper towels.

We understand that sometimes accidents happen! Should you break anything please let us know immediately – if it’s minor we usually won’t charge. If it’s a larger issue (e.g. the TV screen!) we would like to agree the cost with you before you leave to avoid any issues later. Thank you!

Music System
Home is equipped with an Amazon Dot “Alexa”.

Television / DVD System
Television in Family room is a ROKU TV.

  • Cable is Spectrum, and Spectrum cable channels in the bedrooms can be accessed through the ROKU Spectrum App.
  • Turning on TV in Living room use the ROKU remote. Choose Cable use Cable Remote. Choose ROKU app’s, use ROKU remote.
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